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Watercolor Secrets

Play these lessons over and over again as many times as you need to as you master watercolor painting in your home. ...

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Free Inspirational Art Journal Starter Class

Do you like to journal but get stuck for ideas? Are you curious about the best supplies? Would you like to learn ...

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Spirited Sunflowers

Perfectly capture the beauty of spirited sunflowers, bold blossoms and dramatic light with radiant watercolors! You w...

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Unlocking Your Style Ebook

Thirty days of exercises to unleash your creativity READY to Uncover your personal style? So when people ask me, "H...

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12 Affirmations for Quieting Your Inner Critic

Kick back, relax, and listen to 12 of Miriam's favorite affirmations for positivity and quieting your inner critic. T...

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Print Apprenticeship

Learn about all of the technology, the steps, and little tricks that I use for selling and creating prints. Reproduce...

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The Watercolor Studio Set

Complete the Watercolor Studio Set - gain instant access to all Inspiration Place watercolor classes!

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The Multi-Media Studio Set

Complete the Multi-Media Studio Set - get access to all Inspiration Place multi-media classes -- and MORE!

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The Deluxe Inspiration Place Set

Complete the Deluxe Inspiration Place Set - gain instant access to absolutely all Inspiration Place classes and become a V.I.P.- Very Inspired Painter!* (scroll down for VIP benefit details)

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V.ery I.nspired P.ainter Bonuses

If you've signed up for everything in "The Deluxe Inspiration Place Set", you'll be qualified for the V.ery I.nspired P.ainters Society (no extra cost to you!)

Here's what members of the V.ery I.nspired P.ainters Society get...

  • V.ery I.nspired P.ainter exclusive apron
  • First 25 signups only: One private 1-1 thirty minute video call with me ($150 value)
  • Sign up by August 1st: V.ery I.nspired P.ainter exclusive t-shirt
  • Sign up by August 13th: Complimentary copy of "The Writer's Sketch" the Schulman art and poetry book that is coming out in August 2019
The Inspiration Place opened in January of 2013. Although there are over 18 different art classes, the only ones you will see for registration here are ones that students can join "at anytime." Popular classes (such as Mixed Media Madness and Painting with Words) are offered on a semester style basis which allows students to form tight bonds with one another as they go through the same material at the same time. Most classes are only open to new members once or twice a year and the registration periods last just a week to limit promotional posts.

To be notified when another class opens, please join the wait list.

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