An online artist community for creative souls to discover new techniques & get inspired. Art classes in how to paint in watercolor & more. Ready to stop putting your inner artist on the back burner and start investing in your creative self? You're in the right place. I've done it and I can inspire YOU how to do it too.

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Watercolor Secrets

Play these lessons over and over again as many times as you need to as you master watercolor painting in your home. ...

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Free Inspirational Art Journal Starter Class

Do you like to journal but get stuck for ideas? Are you curious about the best supplies? Would you like to learn ...

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Spirited Sunflowers

Perfectly capture the beauty of spirited sunflowers, bold blossoms and dramatic light with radiant watercolors! You w...

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Print Apprenticeship

Learn about all of the technology, the steps, and little tricks that I use for selling and creating prints. Reproduce...

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The Inspiration Place opened in January of 2013. There are 18 online classes, but the only ones you will see for sale here are ones that students can join "at anytime." Popular classes (such as Mixed Media Madness and Painting with Words) are offered on a semester style basis which allows students to form tight bonds with one another as they go through the same material at the same time. Most classes are only open to new members once or twice a year and the registration periods last just a week to limit promotional posts. Once you join a class, you have lifetime access. Join the mailing list for free tutorials which are only available to Inspiration Place newsletter subscribers.

Mixed Media Madness

Discover all my secrets for creating mixed media art. Registration reopens 2018.

Painting With Words

Combine new lettering techniques with soul sessions that will help you explore mantras for your art or journals. Registration reopens 2018.

Watercolor Portraits

I share everything I know and take you through the process step by step from choosing a photo that leads to a successful portrait to adding the finishing touches. Registration reopens 2018.

Dog Days

Capture the essence of your favorite pooch and learn to paint the dogs of family and friends. You will discover the secret to loose painting while still creating realistic fur and soulful eyes. Registration reopens 2018.

Crazy Cats

Gather the best supplies and discover some new tricks not covered yet in any of the other classes for creating magical felines. Registration reopens 2018.

Farm Animal Spirits

The first watercolor class for painting charming farm animals that will teach you how to draw the animals and how to make the painting process easier. Registration reopens in 2018.

"Learning with you has opened up a new world for me. I like YOUR Classes the BEST . . . period. I stopped investing in any others because there is no comparison"

Georgy R.

"The fact that your online courses are forever courses is one of the many reason I would love to take [your courses]. I love your painting style, and the ease with which you teach. You describe what you are painting, the color mixes you are using and how you made them (and by showing your palette, I can see how you are mixing it). You explain how much or how little water you are using, making it much easier to follow you."

Nellie K.

"I am taking your classes very seriously...I am such a perfectionist...I know very little about color theory, but YOU have taught me way to overcome all of this. I've never had a teacher teach technique with emotion, as well as with ways to help or encourage you to keep moving forward...Thank you."

Deb L.

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