Inspiration Place Art Show

Work by Students of Watercolor Portrait Academy and Artist Incubator Portrait Artists

The Inspiration Place is proud to present our first student art exhibition. The art on this page has been submitted by students of Watercolor Portrait Academy as well as curated selections of artworks by members of the Artist Incubator Coaching program. All work is for sale directly from the artist and the artist retains 100% of the sale proceeds. If you see a piece you are interested in, please check out their website or social media account. We thank you for visiting our exhibition. Enjoy!

Mur Warren

"My granddaughter smelling a flower."

Judy Strait

"Dempsey eating Ice cream."

Sharon Gaunt

"Self portrait from photo a few years ago"

Deborah Meyer

"'Hope' is a watercolor painting of an elderly Sri Lankan man."

Ingrid Huebner

"This is a portrait of a friend's grand daughter at Christmas time (used with her permission), looking pensively into a snow globe with a sense of wonder as to what is 'yet to come.'"

Penelope Jenner

"Afternoon delight!"

Kathy Marshall

"Portrait of a boy and girl in front of evergreen trees."
IG: @kathymariestudio

Jennie Holtsbaum

"This is Viviana - she is my three year old granddaughter."

Art by Artist Incubator Clients

We have a diverse group of talented portrait artists inside the Artist Incubator Coaching program. The program is for emerging artists of all mediums and styles who want to advance their marketing and sales skills.

Natasha Marcano Dillon


"You can either admire her perfect afro or wonder what she is thinking."

IG: @natasha.sketchpad

Nicoline Mann

"I got the privilege of painting this little angel; he’s painted on 8”x6” wood cradled board with three coats of watercolour ground."
IG: @nicolinemann

Kel Enders

Crystal Methyd

"To me, drag artists represent confidence, creativity, and freedom of expression."
IG: @kelendersart

Tiare Smith

My Color is Beautiful

"Celebrating us and our complexities and the beauty of who we are."
IG: @tiaresmithart

Caryn Conaway

Sounds of Silence

"I find the human figure to be an endless source of inspiration."
IG: @carynconawayart

Chanelle René

Get Loved Up No. 4

"Like getting caught up in the artistic process, the women in these portraits are wrapped in a cocoon of self assurance where the world of inner and outer beauty collide."
IG: @beingchanellerene

Katherine Edwards

"Baby Leo, when he was sweet and innocent."
IG: @thehealthnutkathy

Janet DeFur

"My grandson."

Cynthia Lemieux

"Portrait of my niece kissing her husband on their wedding day."

IG: @tahaagoddess

Elaine Theriault

"My grandson."

Sarah Dunk

"My friend Sangeet."

Shirley Toy

"This was a gift to my nephew of his new baby girl."

Janet Hoke

"My granddaughter, Olivia"

Shelby Harrison

"Modern self portrait."

Heather Piche

"My husband."

Rita Prahl

"Grandkids light of my word."
IG: @watercolor_art_by_rita_prahl

Karen Hegglin

"The portrait is of a little girl done from a photograph - I call her Blondie."

MaryAnn Capps

"Fresh flower crown on beautiful girl."

Nancy Dougherty

"12x14 watercolor on arches 140 wt. cold pressed paper from photo of granddaughter."

Jill Spriggs

"I typically paint portraits of babies and children but really feel strongly that older faces should be celebrated via portraiture as well."

IG: @Jill1954

Alice Starkey

"Picture of my husband. One half as he now looks, the other half as Bozo the Clown as he played and ran a TV show as Bozo the Clown for one year on a TV station in Johnson City, Tenn when he was in his early twenties."

Brenda Alsfeld

"My grandson."

Meet Miriam Schulman, founder of the Inspiration Place

Whether you're an old pro or haven't picked up a paintbrush since college, I’m here to help you LET GO while learning the techniques to create your own expressive beauty.

You could say my portrait career started out in high school. I drew all of my teachers

But I didn't go to art school. I didn't believe I could make a living as an artist. I took the practical route and worked on Wall Street instead. After 911 happened, I took it as a sign from the universe to do something different with my life and find my life purpose.

 My love affair with portraits really kicked off during this time. I painted my son in his Batman costume. And he LOVED it so much, he was so proud of it, that he invited his friends over to look at it.

Those kids told their parents, and pretty soon I was painting my son’s friends...and then more people saw THOSE portraits and asked me for commissions…

And pretty soon I had a business painting portraits!

I began developing and using techniques to shortcut the process and create a safety net so that I could paint confidently.

And when I began teaching these techniques to my students, it allowed them to get past the fear and doubt and truly enjoy painting the ones they love.

So if you want to paint your children and grandchildren...

If you need a new focus or challenge in your life to increase your happiness...

If you're afraid of getting started or that you "Aren't good enough" You'll conquer the emotional side of painting….

If you already paint portraits in another medium but want to try watercolor...

If you enjoy drawing "fantasy" faces but now want to create a painting that looks like a real person...

I’ve created the perfect program to help you start painting gorgeous watercolor portraits confidently, using what I call the “5 P’s of Portrait Painting." >>Click here to learn more about Watercolor Portrait Academy

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