Watercolor Secrets

Play these lessons over and over again as many times as you need to as you master watercolor painting in your home. ...

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Free Inspirational Art Journal Starter Class

Do you like to journal but get stuck for ideas? Are you curious about the best supplies? Would you like to learn ...

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Spirited Sunflowers

Perfectly capture the beauty of spirited sunflowers, bold blossoms and dramatic light with radiant watercolors! You w...

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Unlocking Your Style Ebook

Thirty days of exercises to unleash your creativity READY to Uncover your personal style? So when people ask me, "H...

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Autumnal Inspirations

You finally cleared off the kitchen table, gathered your supplies, lit a candle and even put on mood music and then N...

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Print Apprenticeship

Learn about all of the technology, the steps, and little tricks that I use for selling and creating prints. Reproduce...

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Watercolor Textures

The focus on this class will be on individuality and self-expression. Of course you will learn lots and lots of water...

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