Autumnal Inspirations

You finally cleared off the kitchen table, gathered your supplies, lit a candle and even put on mood music and then NOTHING.

Nada. zip. and you are left staring at a bank piece of paper or a white canvas with no idea of what you want to paint.

Has that ever happened to you...?

Believe me it has happened to all of us

You are not alone and it is not your fault.

If you ever tried painting on your own, you know how frustrating that can be.

Also, you can waste several hours on the internet searching for the perfect photos to practice with or spend days taking them yourself.

But now imagine if I gave you all those photos to you PLUS instruction.

Now imagine that you could peer over my shoulder while I paint the vibrant colors of autumn through imaginative still lifes, landscapes and animals sharing with you step by step EXACTLY how to paint them.

You'll learn every color, every brush stroke through step- by step guidance.

Well, I've just reopened a vintage (yet very popular) watercolor program that does all that.


Here's a sample of what you'll learn inside of Autumnal Inspirations:

  • Discover how to paint three autumnal landscape scenes in watercolor
  • Celebrate the season with three Fall themed still-life demonstrations
  • Capture the spirit of foxes with an in-depth demonstration

You have the option of choosing the "still life" track or the "landscape" track or you can get the best value when you sign up for both with the Autumnal Inspirations package PLUS you'll get your hands on that Autumnal Inspiration photo reference guide.

To view your package options, click here >>

Demonstrations included with the Still Life Track

Demonstrations included with the Landscapes Track



Bonus Fox Demonstration when you choose the complete package




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