Watercolor Textures

The focus on this class will be on individuality and self-expression. Of course you will learn lots and lots of watercolor techniques but rather than learning how to copy one painting you will learn techniques for skies, grass, leaves, trees, water, sand, waterfalls and more-- basically many textural elements that you encounter while landscape painting. This course will give you the confidence to create your own landscape painting in your own style.

  • Learn how to make your landscapes interesting by adding textures and rich details
  • Master easy tricks for painting leaves
  • Discover easy techniques for adding more textured looks to a watercolor painting
  • Get to know the individual artist inside of you by learning techniques you can incorporate into your own paintings in your own way.
  • Hone your landscape skills through lots of inspiring photo references and ideas on how to make the painting individual
  • As an additional bonus, you will learn how to make a no-sew watercolor sketchbook and cheap portable watercolor palette that fits in your bag so you can paint on the go and practice your landscape painting anytime and anywhere
  • 1 Month access to Watercolor Mastermind facebook group that includes weekly Q&A and art critiques with Miriam


"Really happy you introduced me to this no sew journal. I want to make some for gifts. It is easy peasy and I like how I can flip the book around to reveal other side of the paper to work on. But...oh no, I feel an addiction coming on with making these books. Exactly what I like...fun, easy and fast."-Darlene Campbell, Cartoonist

"Thank you again for this amazing class! I am learning tons of things that I never thought I would be able to accomplish." Barb Macaskill


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